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CANPACK Group is a metal packaging company that has been in business for 30 years. During this period, it has become a leading manufacturer in the beverage packaging industry in Central and Eastern Europe, and constantly strengthens its market position in Western Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Dynamic growth year after year results in increasing need for transportation and logistics services mainly for large volume of deliveries of finished products to our customers.

Annual expenses on logistics reach tens of millions EUR. Our main customers in Europe are the worldwide brands of beer and soft drinks producers, to which we supply aluminum cans and easy open closures, glass bottles and crown closures. Furthermore, we are the supplier of steel and aluminum packaging for food and chemical industry.

After installation of the first two production lines for aluminum cans in the Netherlands last year, our presence in Benelux has become significant as never before. Our customers trust our brand, quality and reliability and as a result we have decided to further expand our production capacity in this region.

The shortage of drivers on the European market which affects haulers and the uncertainty of Brexit and its effects seem to be the only major challenges that we face.

Taking into consideration all the warning signals from the market, we see our opportunity to adapt  to the new business reality by reducing the distance between our factories (warehouses) and the final recipients of our products.  Working towards finding solutions we would appreciate your potential partnerships wherein we offer:

  • Long term, stable and large volume of door to door FTL shipments as a roundtrip within the Benelux area (light cargo, short distances, fixed price per trip)
  • Long term regular storage volumes located in the Benelux area (5000 m2 – 10 000 m2)

Thanks to the above aims :

  • we will be able limit the need to use a large number of trucks and drivers for distribution
  • we will optimize driver’s driving time (in case of driving without waiting, loading or unloading)
  • we will be able to provide our customers with an optimal level of quality and guarantee volumes during the peak season and through the year

We invite everyone who recognizes the opportunity for developing and growing with us in Benelux, especially logistics and transportation companies who can offer us:

  • LZV trucks and round-trains (max height & length, light cargo up to 4 tones)
  • readiness for long term investments dedicated for us (dedicated trucks)
  • warehouse spaces ready to put our products into

We look forward to your direct contact with our Logistics Office located in Brzesko, Poland for more details and offer you a long and mutually beneficial  relationship with CANPACK:

Piotr Kwiatkowski

phone: +48 52 58 44 253


[email protected]

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